about us

Angelos Evangelinidis studied political science and history in Panteion University. He holds two master’s degrees, one from Panteion University in Political Science and another from University of Athens in Media and Communication. His research interests are political sociology, social movements and media activism. He is currently a PhD student in the Department of Southeast European History and Anthropology in the University of Graz, Austria.

Marija Martinović studied sociocultural anthropology at the Univeristy of Belgrade and University of Vienna (Mag.phil.) She is currently a PhD candidate and DOC-team fellow at the Institute of European Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology in Graz and member of International PhD Program “Transformations in European Societies”. Her work focuses on video activism and women´s movement’s in contemporary Serbia. Her research interests are visual anthropology, video activism, gender and postcolonial theory.

Since 2009 David Brown has lived, researched, and worked in Southeastern Europe. Following his B.A (political science, Universtiy of Southern Maine) and M.A. (East European studies, University of Bologna) his a PhD candidate at the Center for Southeast European Studies in Graz, and a DOC-team fellow. His research interests are race and state racism, political economy, and of course social movements and football fan culture, which form the core of his current contribution to this project and his PhD research.

Julia Tulke’s work focuses on street art and graffiti as mediums of expression in cities undergoing social and political crises. In this context she has been conducting ethnographic fieldwork in Athens since 2013 (more at aestheticsofcrisis.org). Julia holds a B.A. in Social and Cultural Anthropology and Political Sciences from the Free University Berlin and an M.A. in European Ethnology from Humboldt University of Berlin. Currently she is pursuing a PhD in Visual and Cultural Studies at the University of Rochester, NY.