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Everyday Revolutions in Southern and Eastern Europe

Cfp we are applying to. Might be of some interest to others:

The University of Manchester and Whitworth Art Gallery (2015 Museum of the Year), Manchester

Dates: May 19 and 20, 2017

To mark the centenary of the 1917 Revolution we are holding an interdisciplinary conference on the theme of Everyday Revolutions in Southern and Eastern Europe. Rather than treating revolution as a one off or irreversible political change, the event will investigate the revolutionary potential of often-overlooked mobilisations, movements, acts, actions, and practices.  Moving beyond ideas of popular protest and social movement activism, it will focus on phenomena which could be dubbed ‘everyday revolutions’, including but not limited to:

  • ‘slow protest’
  • small-scale resistance
  • counter-culture
  • liberation movements
  • individual acts and actions.

The regional focus on Southern and Eastern Europe will highlight areas on the periphery of the European project which face many of the same challenges. The conference will shed new light on the responses to these challenges. This perspective on social, economic, political, and cultural problems will allow better understanding of everyday ways of coping with, and reacting against, new political-economic situations on the ‘edges of Europe’, both inside and outside the EU. It will help reflect not just on the areas in question, but more broadly on contemporary meanings of Europe and its borders.

We welcome contributions from across disciplines relating to any area of ‘everyday revolutions’.  Examples might include responses to austerity, civil society and NGOs, informal organisations and collectives, parallel organisations (including currencies), trans-border activist co-operations, artivism, digital and sexual revolutions, and post-capitalism.

Proposals are encouraged for conventional papers/panels but also interactive workshops (musical, visual and other), workshops open to the public, workshops for children, films, slide-shows and other visual installations.

As the event will be held at the Whitworth Art Gallery, proposals are especially welcomed for talks or workshops which engage with particular pieces – fine art, sculptures, textiles, wallpapers, etc. – from the Whitworth’s collection (which can be consulted here: ).

The deadline for applications is 16.12.2016. Please send proposals including:

Name & affiliation (if any)

Title of contribution

Type of contribution (paper, film, workshop, workshop for children, etc.)

Abstract (max. 350 words), including explanation of your contribution’s relevance for the topic.

Proposals for panels of 3-4 papers or jointly led workshops are also welcome.

9. DOC-team-Graduiertenkonferenz

Invitation to our presentation in Vienna on Thursday, December 15.

“Im Rahmen von DOC-team werden Gruppen von 3-4 DoktorandInnen aus verschiedenen Disziplinen der Geistes-, Sozial- und Kulturwissenschaften gefördert, die gemeinsam eine übergreifende Fragestellung bearbeiten.

 Wir laden Sie herzlich zur 9. DOC-team-Graduiertenkonferenzein, bei der DOC-team-Stipendiatinnen und -Stipendiaten erste Ergebnisse ihrer Forschungstätigkeit präsentieren.


Zeit:  Donnerstag, 15. Dezember 2016, 14.00 Uhr

Ort:  ÖAW/Theatersaal, Sonnenfelsgasse 19, 1010 Wien




14.00 Uhr

Deniz Seebacher, Barbara Stefan, Andreas Streinzer

Wirtschafts-, Politikwissenschaften, Sozial- und Kulturanthropologie (Universität Wien)

Practicing Values – Valuing Practices. An interdisciplinary Ethnographic Approach to Understanding Values in Practice


15.00 Uhr

David Brown, Evangelos Evangelinidis, Marija Martinovic

Geschichte und Kulturanthropologie (Universität Graz)

Contentious Images – Unruly Practices. An Ethnography of Visual Protest Repertoires in Southeast Europe


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