Monthly Archives: May 2015

May update

The DOCTeam is finally approaching the official start of the project. Since being awarded the grant on March 20th, we have gone through some changes and been swamped with paper-work. Most importantly, our colleague and co-author of the project, Julia, has taken a fantastic offer from Rochester University’s Visual and Cultural Studies program. While it means we are a player down, we are excited to widen our network and have Julia remain in touch with our project (particularly through this blog).

We spent some time reconfiguring the project and are pretty happy with the new version. Though, to be honest, the changes were not dramatic. Our methodology is to build a tapestry of the complex and beautiful social movements in the region. Our “region” is now focused a little more. In doing so we noted that “transition” is a common experience of all our research sites (check the short abstract on the front page to see more about where we are researching). Transition, to us, means the historical experience of profound political and social change in a state or region, triggered by the collapse of one system and the establishment of a new one. We are looking forward to developing this concept a bit deeper.

Apart from that, not too much had to be tinkered with. Well, for now. I suppose that once we get well and truly stuck in, then much will change! In any case, we are looking forward to June, when we officially start, and developing our thoughts on this blog.